The MilkyTracker experience is brought to you by the following people:

pailesmain code
rainawebsite, documentation maintenance and additional graphics
m0dWebsite & forum hosting
Kmulandpromotion, support and additional web graphics
StrobeIRC channel administration, demo videos, winning compos


Thanks to the following people for their contribution to the project: Varthall / Up Rough for the AmigaOS port, tarzeau for Debian and Ubuntu packaging, ehaupt for FreeBSD port, Gary P. Scavone for RtAudio and RtMidi, kruze, idc, Rez et al. for the fonts, svenzzon for his nice example tune, Valerio for the quick reference printouts, syphus for constructive criticism, Flasch, setrodox, jix, Evil-Ville, Spot, the entire Titan crew for support and everybody who donated or dropped a letter.

Special greetings to everyone at #MilkyTracker for making it a daily active channel.